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Innovative Projects. On Sui.

The first protocol, exclusively for the Sui Blockchain, to provide a secure, transparent, and decentralized way for project creators to raise liquidity and community to back innovative projects.


Supercharged by AptosLaunchIO. 

Powered By Sui Blockchain

Finally, a platform built for:

Community Driven


Currently, backers may be exposed to fraud or poor management since many launchpads have a centralized structure.


High costs, protracted wait periods, and a lack of transparency are all problems in the present launchpad backing environment.

At SuiLaunch, we are community-driven, decentralized, secure and transparent. All built on a Blockchain with superior technology, security and scalability – Sui.

1. Create a Sui Wallet 

In order to participate in backing the projects on SuiLaunch, you must create a Sui Wallet and connect to SuiLaunch. You will also be able to enjoy staking and earning SLT on SuiLaunch.

2. Verify Wallet

Once you have registered, you must verify your wallet. This is the only wallet you will be able to use for backing the projects.


3. Stake SLT

By staking SLT, you earn allocation in IDOs. If you do not want to participate in sales, you can still benefit from staking.


4. Register for IDO

You must express your interest in taking part during the registration period. You won’t be able to register again until the next IDO after registration ends.


For Backers

Back Your Favorite Projects with Conviction. 

With its innovative DeFi primitives, interoperable blockchains, and highly decentralized applications, the Sui blockchain marks a significant advancement for the sector.

Engineered for backers, by backers.

For Teams

Start Right. With SuiLaunch.

We know it’s daunting, but a team’s unique requirements in raising liquidity should be front and center, not an afterthought. It sets the tone with your community, and it’s crucial you choose the right launchpad partner to have a fulfilling future.

The SuiLaunch platform is committed to ensuring that teams get what they require and enables them to gain fast growing and lasting momentum.


Our proprietary methods of distribution and staking assures widespread involvement.


Strong foundations for new ventures are produced through our focus on community and teams.


The first launchpad to enable holders to expand with the network irrespective of involvement.


Powered By Sui Blockchain and AptosLaunch

SuiLaunch is supercharged by the AptosLaunchIO ecosystem – Top Tier launchpad solutions and community in the Move ecosystem.

In order to offer only the finest and brightest projects to the Sui ecosystem, Suilaunch is pleased to work with the entire Sui Ecosystem. Our protocol is capable of providing ground-breaking consensus methods and architecture that offers:

Low cost


Fast Execution